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Welby india is a noida based toy manufacturing company. We manufacture and export different kinds of products like Tin treasure

Toys, Trick stuffs, Novalities, Games, Boats, Automobile and locomotive.

Our automobile include Action set, pop-up boats, coin banks, science fiction etc.

In our locomotives we have Overland Express, Wind-up Engine Tram.

We have Modern train, lucky mouse, Cross road train, Fairy queen, Moon light express, Military patrol, Police patrol, Parking garage, Sky city, Local shuttle, Sky way and High way, Bavarian tram, Ganga Yamuna Express in our action set.

In our Coin bank we have Post office, Toy bank, Saving bank, Snow white bank, Orchestra bank, Money bank, Wood pecker, Baya,
bee, Skip, Fido, Rover, Zorro, wolf, letter box, computer cash.

Our Pop up boats games include Regular, Classic, hug boat, Mini recycle, Recycled Extra space, Tuk-tuk, Titanic hand painted, Mini in litho 8 art works, Recycled, and more.

We also have Science Fiction games like saucer, mars, pecking hens, fighting boxes etc

We have Kinetic wheel in Poly bag, Wooden top, Floor ludo in our novelties.

In our Trick stuff we have Trick lock, Puzzle lock (blister pack), Magic box, Stiff rope, Shock diary, Shocking soda Can and Color
changing pencil box.
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